Harley Boden began to explore his love for fine porcelain through applying drawings of British bird life on to found ceramic pieces. 
The autumn of 2011 saw the launch of his first collection – Carr, sold exclusively by renowned British designer Sir Paul Smith at his Mayfair boutique, London. Since then he has continued to create an extensive repertoire of exclusive fine china pieces handcrafted in Britain.
Harley Boden is passionate about the preservation of traditional skills. All of his wares are made in Staffordshire, which has a worldwide reputation and distinguished history in the manufacturing of fine china and pottery, all on a small independent scale. 
Harley Boden makes sure that each stage of the making process, from firing to the application of the design, is crafted by hand. This ensures that the finest quality, through centuries of artisanal heritage, remains an integral feature of his products.
Each season he strives to produce lasting and enchanting decorative pieces for the discerning collector.
We hope you enjoy the collections.
Thank you, 
Harley Boden